Largest Intercollegiate Sports Festival of India

Each year, in the month of October, the students of the institute organize a sports festival, called Udghosh. Over the years Udghosh has evolved and expanded to become the biggest intercollegiate sports extravaganza in India. Being the most eagerly awaited event of the year, it has become a national platform where the youth of the nation get together, interact and indulge in a fair game. Udghosh witnesses participation from students from over 200 top colleges from all over India. Students from all fields – humanities, engineering, science, commerce, law and medicine participate in the event with great gusto. Over 30,000 footfalls are witnessed during the festival.

Udghosh has always been a classic example of the fact that its the endeavour that counts. Our efforts have always aimed to bring about rise in competition level among the youth, empowering the masses with the torch of social awareness, keeping the grandeur of entertainment and professional shows alive. Udghosh brings to the masses a plethora of events, comprising of all major sports, workshops and informal events.

The Udghosh team promises to keep its commitment levels at its peak and provide talent the right push forward with inspiration from renowned sports celebrities,keeping our vision and promise upheld and intact, we proudly and wholeheartedly invite you to be a part of the celebration, UDGHOSH’15. Grab your seats and jump for ride, Unleash with mind numbing glory… Mayhem For Victory!

It was an honour to be a part of IIT Kanpur’s Annual Sports Festival.

The campus provides national level sports facilities.

Heartened to see an internationally  recognized educational  institute, encouraging sports in India.

The crowd was amazing and it was a great experience.